Rachel Notley

Rachel Notley was famously known as Rachel Anne Notley is a Canadian politician. She is a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Edmonton-Strathcona and leader of the Alberta New Democratic Party. Her Father is former Alberta NDP leader Grant Notley. Before Coming into politics she used to work as a lawyer where she mainly concentrated on workplace health and safety issues.

Early Career

She started her political career in the year 1991 as an election-planning subcommittee for the Alberta NDP. From the year 1994 Notley acted as a representative of the provincial labour movement in the negotiation and drafting of new workplace health and safety standards. Later on from 2000 onwards, she has been actively participating in politics. She also helped Brian Mason successfully retain the seat for the Alberta NDP. She was nominated by acclamation as the Alberta NDP candidate in the provincial constituency of Edmonton-Strathcona, in the year 2006.

2015: The Turning Point

This is one of the challenging years in her political career as she lead this election and this election with a lot of problems moving forwards as social spending, raised taxes and fees, and held the line on low corporate taxes. Things have turned in her favor in the final week. On election night, the NDP won 54 seats, re-electing their four incumbents as well as 50 new members to the Legislative Assembly. This is a great statement about her leadership skills.

Rachel Notley Family

Notley was born on April 17, 1964in Edmonton, Alberta. Her mother name is Sandra Mary and Her Father is Alberta NDP Leader and MLA Grant Notley. She is the first Alberta Premier to be born in Edmonton. Notley is the sister of Paul Notley and Stephen Notley.

Rachel Notley Parents

Father: Grant Notley

Rachel Notley Father

He is Former Sophie NDP Leader and MLA. He also worked as mayor when Rachel was eight years old.

Mother: Sandra Mary Wilkinson

Siblings: Paul Notley, Stephen Notley

Stephen Notley
Stephen Notley

Rachel Notley Husband

Lou Arab

She is married to Lou Arab, a Communications Representative for the Canadian Union of Public Employees. He also works as a campaign strategist for the party.


Ethan Arab, Sophie Arab.

They have two children named Ethan Arab and Sophie Arab.


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