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Lisa Marie Presley was born on the 1st day of February 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee. She was dropped out of junior high school and began abusing illegal drugs. This was the time that she started to turn her head into the music industry. She is doing great in the music industry and improved herself as a singer. In 2003, she released her first album named “To Whom It May Concern,” and the album debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 charts and became a certified gold on June 2003.


After her first album being released, another album arose on April 5, 2005, and it was named “Now What.” The said album debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 charts and reached gold in November 2005. Due to her perseverance, she was able to record a single, “In the Ghetto.” What’s remarkable in that album is that she had a duet with her father, Elvis Presley. In addition to that, the video that was released for the song hit No.1 on iTunes and No. 16 on the Billboard singles chart.

In 2012, her third album “Storm and Grace” was released. The said album has an Americana-inspired showcase for her talent in writing songs and blazing alto voice. “I love the songs, but I think I was hiding behind a lot of sonic layers because it was scary to go out there,” said Presley. Her albums motivated her to work because of the rebelliousness and stubbornness she currently felt when she launched and started her career as a singer-songwriter in 2003. After having finished a tour to support Now What, Lisa Mary moved to the English countryside together with her husband and her twin daughters. She admitted that she lost interest in singing, but then she does not want to neglect and ignore her passion.

In the summer of the year 2009, Presley met her new manager named Simon Fuller. She agreed to work with new collaborators specifically, three British namely: Sacha Skarbek, Ed Harcourt and Richard Hawley. Humour spread and it was assumed that she did it for she wanted to be on top. But then she contradicted those humour and said, “There was no agenda. I was not trying to write a hit or to please any particular audience. I was enjoying the process of being creative with great people who love music.” The first song that has emerged as a gentle and calm ballad titled “Weary.” Both Presley and Hawley wrote the said song. After 8 months of continuing her collaboration with the three, she has written 28 songs including “How Do You Fly This Plane?” and “Storm and Grace” with Hawley; “Over Me” and “Soften The Blows” with Harcourt; and “Un-Break” and “Close To The Edge” with Skarbek.

Due to the amusement that Presley has given to Simon Fuller, Fuller sent the samples of Presley’s songs to T Bone Burnett, a producer and a musician, who is famous for his works with various artists such as Allison Krauss and Robert Plant, B.B. King, Willie Nelson, Elton John and Leon Russell, and scores of others. Presley admitted that she received a call from T Bone and she said that the producer liked her songs. T bone was also wondering about what are the capacities of a singer-songwriter who is a daughter of the famous American revolutionary music artist.

Lisa Marie Presley Family


She was Born in Memphis, Tennessee. Her father name is  Elvis Presley who is a famous actor and musician and her mother name are Priscilla Presley she is an actress. Her parents got separated in her early days and she used to live with her mother.

Lisa Marie Presley Parents

Father: Elvis Presley

Mother: Priscilla Presley

Personal Life

Going to Lisa Marie’s personal life, she was first married to Danny Keough in 1988, and with whom she had two children; Danielle Riley who is an artist and her son, Benjamin. Her second marriage, was with Michael Jackson starting from 1994 to 1996. And what’s surprising with her third marriage is that it only lasted for 108 days. That marriage happened in 2002 with Nicolas Cage. When 2006 came, she was married to a musician named Michael Lockwood. And after two years of being husband and wife, they had a fraternal twin daughter; Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love. Indeed, Presley’s journey is too much to bear. A story with lessons!

Lisa Marie Presley Children

She has two children with Danny Keough. Her Daughter Name is Danielle Riley and Her Son name is Benjamin.

Daughter: Riley Keough

Riley Keough

Son: Benjamin Keough


Lisa Marie Presley Twins

She has two children with Michael Lockwood. Her Daughters Names Are Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love.

Daughters: Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood


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